Electronics & Media

The entertainment & media industry is extremely diversified and haswitnessed a transformation in technology and applications in recent years. This transformation has led global entertainment and media companies to offer innovative content and effective distribution models to sustain their presence and stay ahead in a highly competitive market. Key players are constantly developing strategies for combining and distributing high-quality content to provide enhanced user experience in terms of content discovery and attractive prices.The entertainment & media market has benefited significantly from digital tools and platforms, facilitating efficient production, distribution and content consumption, which is revolutionizing market growth. The key factors contributing to market growth are increasing smartphone penetration, increasing eSports, increasing demand for on-demand and live streaming of music and videos, and increasing investment by key players in developing augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. Other factors influencing the market growth are an increasing number of television subscriptions, a growing number of radio listeners, a rapidly growing video game market, outdoor advertising, and rising social media penetration among the consumers. The entertainment & media industry is expected to grow due to the rapid digital technological advancements and the emergence of 5G network connectivity services in the coming years. Emerging small and medium-sized enterprises offering regional and local content
to international audiences are also promoting the growth of the industry. Artificial intelligence is expected to have an impact on the gaming sector, with consumers demanding enhanced gaming experience offering key players an opportunity to invest. However, controlling piracy and proper enforcement of copyright laws remains a restraint for the market players. The entertainment and media market witness billions of dollars of loss due to piracy and illegal file-sharing practices. Growing cyber-attacks on online platforms also pose a challenge to address for the market players.